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Hikaru Image Pics

Hey everyone. I thought I'd ask some advice, because I'm having trouble finding pics for Hikaru. x.x I can't remember who I was using before and I can't find any good options for new pics now.

Does anyone have suggestions? The only one I can think of with blue eyes and short hair is Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi, but her bust is too big to fit Hikaru. >.< Need someone a little more flat-chested.


x.x I already tried that...mostly I got characters who don't have enough pics...that's where I found Aoi Sakuraba. lol I usually use that one too.
hmmm...Mio from K-On! I think she has blue eyes and a lot of the anime icon sites on LJ have tons of K-On! icons
>.< Unfortunately, Hikaru has short hair. Any ideas for someone with short hair? That is the main reason I'm struggling to find someone. Everyone I can think of has long hair, lol. Well, I guess she could get extensions.

Thanks for the idea. I'll consider it. ^^
Oh yeah! Sorry I keep forgetting because of the eartails if I come up with something I will let you know.
^^ Don't worry about it. I appreciate the ideas. (after all, she could always get extensions)
Memories Off 2nd! PSP game. Tsubame Minami.

Though she only appears in that game. They just released another Memories Off game for 360. There's a girl with short dark hair, but no eartails.
Well, now I know who I was using, lol. Unfortunately, I still find her too inexpressive and pictures for me to work with are limited. I have no problems with cutting off Hikaru's eartails.

Thanks for the info. If I can't decide on another char, then I'll just try to find more pictures of Tsubame (with a little more expression ^^ )
Tamaki from Bamboo Blade, Rukia from Bleach, or Yuki from Haruhi (lighter in color, but still brunette). That's all that came to mind so far.
While Rukia and Yuki won't work (due to eye color, Hikaru's are blue), Tamaki is a good one. ^^ Her eyes are close enough (purple and blue are pretty similar, lol) There are lots of pics of her and she's got the right body type to fit Hikaru (tiny and cute rather than busty, lol)

Thanks for the suggestions! ^^
Azusa Mera is the only one I can come up with from Dracu-riot I was going to suggest Tamaki.
o.o Azusa is really cute (had to look her up) Half of the pictures I found of her she's blushing, lol. But I like her expressions.

^^ I'll probably pick between Tamaki and Azusa. Both seem like a good fit for Hikaru.
What's all this about eye color? Shige's eyes are brown, not red. :p
x.x it's because whenever I don't have the eyes the right color or close to the right color in the icons, people seem to get confused, particularly new players. It's easier when the icons already match her image.