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An RPG based on a High School in Tokyo Japan (OOC board)
. introduction .

Welcome to the sister site of japanese_high (an original RPG set in modern day Japan and focusing on Japanese high school)! If you wish to join the RPG, this is not where you do it! Head back to japanese_high to get information on that. This community is for the typists of the RPG. All OOC (out-of-character) posts will go here. Information about Gakuin High can be found on the RPG's website.

. navigation .

Every post done on tokyo_high is tagged. The best way to finding your way around through the OOC posts is through the tags. A list of the tags can also be found on the right sidebar in the journal.

. timeline .

The timeline starts in April of 2005 which is when the RPG started. It can be used for new players to quickly catch up on details so as not to be confused when certain characters say or do something. Current RPers can use the timeline as a way to keep a list of events in order, as a way to keep up with other active posts, or even as a way to go back to posts when they return from a leave of absence. The timeline is update frequently by co-mod kanbi_shinzo.

The post's are listed by dates, and there is a short summary for each post. The character name listed at the start of the summary is the character who made the post. Brief descriptions of the comments on the post with follow. The time and weather, if mentioned in the post, will also be listed, as well as a link to the actual post. Relying on only reading the timeline will not be sufficient enough to follow along. In order to fully participate, reading other characters' posts and comments is a necessity.

Current Month:
January 2006 [Last Updated: 7/17/11]

Previous Months:
April 2005
May 2005
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December 2005

. calendar .

Because this RPG is running in slower time than actual time, the RPG is no longer in the same year as it is in real life time. One thing you must remember when writing a post and specifying the date is that that particular date most likely appeared on a different day of the week previous years than it does for this year. For example February 1 may fall on a Thursday this year, but the year in the RPG, it probably fell on a Tuesday. That is why the school calendars were set up.

Each month on the calendar is color coded based on whether there is school that day or not. The calendar lists birthdays, holidays, and school trips.

To get to the list of calendar-available months, go here.

. clubs .

Students are required to enroll in an after school club that runs on Fridays and Saturdays. Clubs are run by peers, for peers. To see a list of the clubs available and the days they are available on, go here.

. sports .

While sports are not required, it is suggested that you at least do one to get them more involved. To learn more about sports that are offered at Gakuin High, go here.

. teachers and coaches .

Students in this RPG are all part of Class B. Provided is a list of the teachers at Gakuin High who teach at least one class that Class B students take. Typist are allowed to control NPC teachers in their posts. Teachers that have been adopted should not be moved, except by the typist playing him/her. For RPG purposes, the teachers of Class B also act as coaches at the school.

For a list of the teachers and coaches, please go here.

. club leaders .

Each club is lead by a senior peer. Each one of the leaders also has a unique profile. For certain reasons, these leaders may stick around another school year or so :p Click on the link to be taken to a page containing their bio. Many are based of known Manga/Anime characters. See if you recognize any.
Archery -Wakamiya (m)
Brass Band - Oda (m)
Choir - Uchimura (f)
Computer Gaming - Kensuke (m)
Cooking -
Drama - Kaido (f)
Flower Arrangement - Yamazaki (f)
Go - Shindo (m)
Origami - Temrai (f)
Shogi - Kaga (m)
Student Council - Ichiro Toriyama (m)
Tea Ceremony - Hino (f)
Visual Art - Koizumi (m)

. Profile Info by NuttyMusings .